About Us

Who are Newbie Movers?

We’re a group of passionate movers based in Kuala Lumpur (KL) who strive to provide every household a satisfying relocation service. We’re constantly improving and re-invent smarter ways to make sure every moving cases are done in a efficient and intact way. We communicate with customer from the start, from planning to organizing the whole move, everything will be done on our side, reducing any hassle for customer as for sure giving them a professionalism guide for moving.

Whether you needed help for any moving, Newbie is the solution for all. For instance, our services includes for house move, office move, warehouse move, piano move, safe box move & event/exhibition roadshow booth set up & dismantle.

As for event/ exhibition roadshow booth set up & dismantle, we’re offering a full package which inclusive with carpet installation, wiring connector and provides wrapping protection for all necessary.

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